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Carving race

It is a competition which takes place on a 200 meters run with medium declivity. The slalom stakes are replaced by buoys. The doors count to a minimum of 8 doors and a maximum of 18. They are separated by at least 5 meters. A door is composed of 1, 2 or 3 buoys of different colors, laid out vertically, horitontally or obliquely. Each buoy is placed at a distance of at least 1,5 meter from another. Each door’s passage gives points. The exterior buoy is worth 5 points, the medium buoy 4 points, and the interior buoy 3 points. The object is to score the most points with the best timing score. The results are calculated as follows : result in time divided by obtained points multiplied by 100.



Nordic race

It is a speed competition of sprint which takes place on an uneven run. The ski run is a 500 meters ring. The classical ski and the skating competitors run 3 times the ring covering the distance of 1.5 kilometer. The competitors start in small groups. The object is to make the best score. The competitorss of the classical ski discipline and of the skating discipline are put together on the same ranking list. To do so a coefficient of discipline is applied to the competitors of the skating discipline.